You can insert breadcrumbs into your design using a shortcode with optional settings for controlling the navigation and display of the breadcrumb links.



(string) (Optional) The text to use for the home link.
(string) (Optional) The title of the blog link when used in post paths.
(string) (Optional) The separator between links. Default: “/”
(int) (Optional) The id of the page to use as the blog link in post paths.
(string) (Optional) Text to show before breadcrumbs, “You are here: “
(string) (Optional) Archives page prefix text.
(string) (Optional) Search page prefix text.
(bool) (Optional) Make the current page bold. Values: 1 (true) or 0 (false)
(bool) (Optional) Show category in single post path. Values: 1 (true) or 0 (false)

Samples and Additional Information

[breadcrumbs boldlast=1]

Sidebar Shortcode

Insert a sidebar using the shortcode. Sidebars are created using the Sidebar Generator in the theme options.

[sidebar alias="sidebar-alias-name"]


(string) The alias of the sidebar to be displayed.

Samples and Additional Information

Sidebar Generator Information »

Static Content Blocks

Insert content from the static blocks custom post type directly into your site using a shortcode.

[static_content id="featured-products"]


(string) or (int) The id or slug of the static block to be displayed.

Members Only

Wrap content in the members only shortcode to hide it from public users.

[members_only]Content only visible to logged in users.[/members_only]

Public Only

Wrap content in the public only shortcode to hide it from logged in users.

[public_only]Content only visible to public users.[/public_only]

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